The Story

A femicide much like any other. The show is a tribute to the many women who fall victim to domestic violence, but with a particularity: which is to tell the public how things effectively went and how we got to the final epilogue. And it is the same victim, who identifies in the audience the many women who are the habitual victims of these devastating episodes, who claim the right to know everything and who are always desperate when they realized that it was too late to intervene. A shout to the world because it is impossible to watch silently when the victims are alive and cry desperately when there is nothing left to do. Whenever we remain silent we are all accomplices, the protagonist seems to say, when, addressing the public, and wonders who they are and where they have been until that moment. The show is subtitled in various languages and includes subtitles in Italian for the deaf and hard of hearing. The website also offers the choice of seeing a family-friendly version of the show for youngsters, at the end of which there is a video-letter for those younger viewers.



Ti amo da morirNe

Release Date : 28 June 2017
Artist : Mena Vasellino
label : Ass. Molise Cultura
Catalog ref. : Theathral show, Video